"A greener future, represented by a greener collection"
Just like people, plants can be very far away from the environment they're accustomed to and need extra care and support if they're going to thrive in testing seasons. We felt like we experienced this at the end of 2021, so at the beginning of 2022, we relocated, changed our environment, and adapted. We've been in the new studio for a couple of months, rebuilding infrastructure, expanding the in-house team, and generally having a great time working on this collection. Community, value, and authenticity are core to the brand ethos, and we aim to establish this in clothing, objects, and visuals. Inspired by what you need, what you cherish, and what you acquire on your journey. The goal of Greenhouse is to showcase all of the above through this collection, showing the audience that Fader is for everyone & for all lifestyles.
Original Sketches (Procreate iPad)
Developed Vector Cad (Adobe Illustrator)
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